Mantissa rocks

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Divmod Mantissa is an "application server" which I've been basing almost all of my applications on for a while now; this IRC conversation snippet is pretty illustrative of why I think Mantissa (and the rest of the stack, Twisted etc.) rocks.

< glyph> oubiwann: I think I've put my finger on why I don't like the serious use of acronyms like AJAX and LAMP
< glyph> oubiwann: they're just shibboleths for much simpler concepts
< oubiwann> glyph: why's that?
< glyph> oubiwann: AJAX is the magic word that means "Hey guys! Check this out! Javascript works now!"
< glyph> LAMP is the magic words that means "Hey uh, did you guys notice that PHP is almost completely broken without being attached to a database on the back end and a web server on the front end?"
< glyph> "AJAX" apps are Javascript apps, "LAMP" apps are PHP apps
< glyph> there's no additional information conveyed by the acronym, because all the peripheral crap that is pulled in doesn't make a difference
< glyph> lots of "LAMP" applications actually use postgres, or run on freebsd
< glyph> oubiwann: the reason we had so much trouble with *MAP, META, etc, is that there's actually no peripheral crap in our universe
< glyph> it's all part of the stack ;)

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