Samsung 2232GW calibration

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I just purchased a Spyder 3 Elite. The main reason I wanted one of these was to calibrate my Samsung 2232GW LCD monitor, as the one I have has an AU Optronics (aka "A") panel with a decidedly blue colour cast. Having successfully calibrated the display, I am quite pleased with the results, so I'm posting my colour profile here for others who aren't quite willing to splurge on a Spyder 3 or similar calibration device. If you have an AUO panel, my profile should work reasonably well for you: Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW A Internet.icm

Select the "Internet" preset on the monitor (down-arrow OSD menu) before loading this colour profile, as I calibrated from that preset; the default preset is just too bright for me. To find out which panel you have, you need to access the service menu: first lower contrast and brightness to 0, go into the main OSD menu, then hold the "Source" button for about five seconds. Now look at the last three letters in the "Version" field; if the middle letter is "L" (eg. my panel is "CLA"), then it is an AU Optronics panel. For reference, the other panel manufacturerers are "A" for Samsung (which should be almost perfect out of the box), "D" for CMO / Chimei (which apparently has an even worse blue cast that can't be calibrated away), and "I" for CPT (which I have no information about).

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