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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals… sounds like a worthy cause, right? Sign me up! Unfortunately, the organisation seems to be run by clueless retards. Here are two of the latest examples I've run across:

Torture in Thailand: Imogen Bailey features in an advertisement protesting cruel elephant "training" techniques in Thailand. In the ad, we have the eminent Ms. Bailey looking like a playful submissive dressed, err, undressed for a bondage shoot; this is an advert /against/ elephant torture?

Human Battery Cage: Ah yes, the battery cage, bane of hapless chickens everywhere. From the site:

The Human Battery Cage is a unique piece of installation/performance

art designed to show the public, in a vivid and realistic way, the

cramped conditions caged birds are subjected to for the production of

eggs for human consumption.

Right, so, they have a nice gallery full of people sitting in the cage in these horrific cramped conditions… and every single one of them has a grin so big it looks like The Joker was on makeup duty for the day. Hello?

Basically, it seems like PETA don't care what message they send, as long as people get the message; this seems to completely defeat the point of trying to send a message in the first place.

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