The Distant Horizon

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This is a bit of a meta-post; an introduction and disclaimer, if you will, for an upcoming series of posts. First up, the warnings: these posts are going to deal largely with personal issues of mine, how I'm dealing with them, and my philosophy surrounding them. At times, things may get intensely person, emotional, even upsetting; hopefully there will also be some bright shining inspiration along the way to balance it out. If this this sort of thing doesn't interest you, or makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to skip over these posts. I'll be tagging them all "MS" for reasons that will soon be clear if you haven't already guessed at them, or don't already know part of the story.

Secondly, due to the personal nature of these posts, you may feel obligated to respond in some way; perhaps to express sympathy and support, perhaps to share supposed words of wisdom, or perhaps in some other way. Well, please don't; I am in no way hostile or opposed to any of those things, but these posts are emphatically not a cry for help or attention. I've received endless support and sympathy from those around me since the news first began to trickle out, so I'm not in trouble here; I'm blessed with wonderful friends and family who have supported me throughout my life. If you feel that describes you, then by all means, join the chorus of responses. However, if you really just don't care, that's also fine! I'm not going to be upset or offended by that attitude; indeed, I would rather you acknowledge that than try to dredge up false sympathy and words filled with meaningless hot-air.

If you are interested, but purely for academic reasons, or reasons of curiosity, that's also okay! Part of the reason I'm putting this out there is that I think there's a lot I can say that will be interesting for reasons on an entirely impersonal level, and I certainly won't be upset by people who are drawn solely to that. If you want more details, or have questions you want answered, then please ask away.

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