Time passes

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A suited man smiled, said:
"It's just a matter of time;
you can have the world at your feet by tomorrow,
just sign on this line."

Hold tight, limelight;
approaching the paramount,
with the sun in our eyes;
fearing family ties, legalise, compromise.

To the practical observer,
it's just a matter of time:
you can deviate from the commonplace,
only to fall back in line.

I understand mine's a risky plan,
and your system can't miss;
but is security after all
a cause or symptom of happiness?

— Dream Theater, Only a Matter of Time

Wow, it's been far too long since my last post; and since I left things on such a dismal note, I decided to bang out a quick post.

It will probably come as no surprise to hear that I was way too busy and stressed out around the time of my last post. Since then, I've not actually paid much attention to matters of health at all, and they haven't intruded on me either; I've also spent the last few weeks with my family in Cape Town, doing pretty much nothing, just getting away from it all. Having a chance to step back, relax, and look at things from a clear perspective has allowed me to make some decisions which will probably ease my stress levels in the future, although I can't really discuss those here and now.

In other news, I've finally gotten around to the last step of migrating Dosage development to Launchpad: the source repository has now been converted to bzr. I've also started the process of going through the outstanding contributions and either integrating or discarding them, so I guess you could call that progress.

Jonathan has been doing some awesome work on a new tab widget in Methanal, which will serve as a vastly improved replacement for Nevow's "tabbed pane" widget, as soon as somebody (ie. me) gets around to reviewing the code.

And… more later.

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