Progress on txacme

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The initial release of txacme was perhaps a quieter affair than I was hoping for, but the response has been enthusiastic from the few people that did take notice. Work has been progressing on the next release (which will be 0.9.1, I'm not at all ready to pronounce the API fully baked yet), which will have a number of minor improvements such as better documentation, but the headline feature is probably dns-01 challenge support.

There is currently a PR up with a libcloud-based implementation that works [1]; I also have plans for a twistd plugin to run a standalone issuing service, but I'm not yet sure if this will make it into 0.9.1.

Implementing a dns-01 challenge responder revealed some deficiencies in the IResponder interface that made it necessary to expand it; this is exactly the sort of API change that I was expecting to crop up, and one of the reasons why I'm holding off on a 1.0.0 release for the time being. My guess is that I'll make it to at least 0.9.5 or thereabouts before 1.0.0 comes out.


[1] Well... mostly. libcloud does synchronous network I/O so it needs to be invoked in a thread pool, and some of the DNS drivers are buggy (eg. the Route 53 driver does not format TXT records how Route 53 expects them), but I have a passing integration test using Rackspace Cloud DNS!
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