TypePad fail

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After recently discovering that people couldn't comment anonymously on my blog (apparently Vox just doesn't support this at all), I started looking around at other blogging platforms again. I decided to start with TypePad, what with it being another SixApart service.

So, I run through the registration process, only to get a generic "an error occurred" type page at the end of the process, with a "leave a message" form that I filled out. I suspect this may be related to having signed up for TypePad before, and then deleting my account, but who knows.

I still haven't had a response to my error report, but I got this e-mail in my inbox just now:

From: TypePad <TypePad@mail.vresp.com>
Subject: Was it something we said?

Was it something we said?

We noticed that you started to register for a TypePad account, but didn’t complete it.

Maybe the doorbell rang. Maybe you were late for a meeting.

Or maybe it was us.

Whatever the reason, we want the chance to show you that we’re quite simply the best hosted blogging service on the market. Just follow the link below and enter code <snip> for a special 10% discount and a 14-day free trial.



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